Monday, February 16, 2015

Midnight Blue

Top: American Eagle | Bottoms: Target | Heels: Target | Bag: Michael Kors | Sunglasses: 2020Ave 

    There are ways you can dress up a sweater and leggings simply by just adding some accessories and heels. You can tell today's post is all about comfort, but can still work dressing up. I'm a mom and most of the time I want to get dolled up but never have the time, or just one of those days that you are not feeling it. These heels from Target are one of my most comfy heels. I can wear it out to lunch or spending time with family and running around chasing after my one year old. Tips: If you can't wear heels all day just leave a pair of flats or sandals in your bag so you can change for long walk. 

xo, Mary


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  2. A mother can always rely on leggings! ;-) The entire look creates such a beautiful silhouette! Have to run after my one year old son as well, haha!



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