Thursday, March 19, 2015

West Egg

    I am a believer of spending your money on whatever you want especially when you work hard for it. Sometimes, I would rather wait until my favorite brand goes on sale to purchase the item. Lately, I have discovered WestEgg through Instagram and an email asking me to write about it and let my readers know how awesome this community really is. I love that they carried over 43 brands and some of my favorites from Nordstrom, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, etc. West Egg is a member only community where you will get up to 80% off on your favorite designer labels. You will have to sign up using your Instagram account and email address. Once you have signed up, you can browse through the website, purchase the product and post it on your Instagram tagging the brand and #becomethemodel after you have received it. The benefits of West Egg are not only you are saving money, but you are creating targeted advertising and unique content allowing West Egg to extremely underpriced high end brands. Who wouldn’t love such a great deal when you are not paying retail prices?! I think that definitely calls for a shopping spree and thanks to West Egg for great savings. To me it’s almost like thrifting, but I know we can all get very overwhelmed going through thousands of clothes, so I'd love to shop online through West Egg. So if you are interested, I suggest go check it out for yourself and don’t forget to sign up here. Also, all of my readers will receive 10% off everything by using the code "WEARWESTEGG" Happy shopping!

xo, Mary


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