Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Sunday

^^ She won a prize at the Easter egg hunting yesterday and of course it happened to be a princess basket..  

My Outfit:
Dress: Old Navy | Heels: Forever21 | Earrings: Thrift Store

Adrianna's Outfit:
Dress: Walmart | Shoes: Old Navy

Albert's Outfit: 
Shirt: American Eagle | Bottoms: Hollister | Shoes: Sperry

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great Easter Sunday. So I bought Adrianna an Easter outfit already and she decided to pick out her own Easter dress at Walmart when going shopping with her dad. I'm not ready for her to dress herself up just yet (I'm that mom that still love to dress her up lol..) This was Adrianna's third easter this year and she had a great time egg hunting yesterday. It's amazing how the holidays are ten times more fun when you have kids and looking forward to more great memories when we become a family of FOUR. With the weather being super awesome yesterday and today it decided to snow as I'm typing this. I hope you all have a great Monday I'm already looking forward to the weekend again.. 

xo, Mary


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  1. so sweet Easter;)xoxo


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