Sunday, June 11, 2017

something neutral + a blog makeover

       dress: Target | heels: Target

You guys, I've been abandoning my blog for months now. I miss blogging so much and I am finally getting back to showing you more outfits, any beauty products, and just life in general. And speaking of life here's a little life update since I've been away, my husband has been deployed for 4 months now and I can not wait until he gets back. My son just turned 9 months last week and I can't believe I will be planning his FIRST birthday soon! Also, my daughter will be turning 4 soon right after. It has been a crazy life lately where some days are good and others wishing it gone by quicker. For the past couple of months after having my son I just felt like I've let go of myself. I didn't feel good about myself and the way I've looked and dressing up was the last thing I wanted to do. So I felt like I need to take a long break from posting on social medias overall. I had recently been posting on my Instagram since a long time and want to start posting on my blog again because I feel like it's my free space and I can post whatever I wanted. I also change up the look on my page. What do you think?! I thought it really needed a little make over. So I hope you all enjoyed my look as well as my page. Thank you for stopping by!



  1. Great to have you back Mary! Look how much weight you've lost as well!


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